Galaxy S8 Could Come With Larger Screens to Appease Former Note 7 Owners

Galaxy S8 large displays for Note 7 owners

Earlier reports claimed that while Galaxy S8 was going to arrive in two variants, they would be featuring screen sizes of 5.1 and 5.5 inches, thus retaining the same form factor as their predecessors. Now, it looks like things have taken a huge turn because the latest rumor suggests that the upcoming flagship is going to be appearing in a much larger screen size to appeal former Galaxy Note 7 owners.

One Variant of the Galaxy S8 Rumored to Arrive in the 5.7-Inch Screen Size – The Other One Could Boast a Screen Crossing the 6-Inch Mark

According to a source called The Bell, Samsung is going to be launching two models of the Galaxy S8 with varied screen sizes.

  • 5.7 inches (resolution not confirmed)
  • 6.2 inches (resolution not confirmed)

If a 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 edge could sport a 3,600mAh battery, then through better engineering we have no doubt that Samsung could massively increase the capacity of both models, although the 6.2-inch would stand to feature a bigger battery thanks to its larger size. Most 5.5-inch handsets are difficult to carry because a major portion of the phone isn’t comprised up of the screen. However, with the arrival of Galaxy S8, which has been rumored to feature a screen-to-body ratio exceeding 90 percent, carrying the phone might not be too difficult even though it could become far delicate than previous generation handsets.

The high screen-to-body ratio could be obtained by incorporating the optical fingerprint sensor inside the display, but there are several more internal tests that are going to have to be carried out before the smartphone is fit to be sold to the public. The last thing that Samsung would want will be for history to repeat itself, which is why extreme measures are going to be taken on all fronts to ensure that the upcoming flagship does not pose a threat to consumers.

On the hardware front, the Galaxy S8 is definitely going to be Daydream ready, since it will be packing ARM’s Mali-G71 GPU and running Android Nougat ‘out of the box’. It is possible that due to extended tests, the release date of the handset is pushed back to April, but at this point, there are far too many rumors to confirm anything concrete. As such, you should take this with a pinch of salt until proper information comes our way. However, a Galaxy S8 sporting a 5.7-inch screen size does seem like a good option right? Tell us your thoughts on the matter.


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