Galaxy S8 Trademark Details an ‘Infinity Display’ Which Will Cover Nearly the Entire Front of the Device


The subject of the Infinity Display has popped up once before for the Galaxy S8 and according to the latest trademark, it is actually going to be an element of the upcoming flagship.

‘Infinity Display’ Trademark Most Probably Used to Describe the Edge-to-Edge Display on the Galaxy S8

According to the latest USPTO trademark filing, ’Infinity Display’ is a name that could be used to describe the near bezel-less display of the Galaxy S8. In a way, this sounds awfully familiar to Dell’s Infinity Edge display present on the company’s XPS notebook lineup. The display of these notebooks comprises up of a very high level of brightness and since they possess a thin bezel, it adds to the aesthetic value of these notebooks. Similarly, the Infinity Display of the Galaxy S8 could look and function in the same manner, although more screen on the front side will obviously make it more susceptible to cracking if a user accidentally drops it.

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Then again, all smartphone displays suffer from the same scenario, but it would be great practice if customers would purchase a durable case down the road that protects the display as well as the camera lens. However, details of the trademark also state that the name ‘Infinity Display’ will be used on mobile devices, meaning that different products ranging from the company’s monitors and large screen televisions might not tout the edge-to-edge display this soon.

Both Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are expected to get announced on March 29, and both of them are going to come running in the Exynos 8895 and Snapdragon 835 chipset variants. Samsung wants to get a comprehensive lead in the smartphone, which is why a report claims that the manufacturer is expected to target 10 million units for its initial supply run.

Both of these high-end models will also feature a QHD Super AMOLED panel, with the smaller version featuring a 5.8-inch one and the larger smartphone coming shipped with a 6.2-inch screen.