Galaxy S7 Could Be Launched During The Very Beginning Of 2016


In order to start its run of 2016 much earlier than expected, Samsung is being reported to release Galaxy S7 much sooner than one would expect.

Galaxy S7 Expected To Be Released During January 2016, According To Latest Report

According to the latest report, Galaxy S7 could be launching during the month of January, and the source states that the upcoming smartphone will be available to purchase in ‘premium’ and ‘sub-premium’ variants. What this means is that one model will most likely be running a Snapdragon 820, which is processed on Samsung’s 14nm FinFET technology, while the other one will be incorporated with Samsung’s own developed Exynos 8890 SoC.

The source also states that the Galaxy S7 could be announced during January 19th, which is far too early as compared to the launch of its predecessor, Galaxy S6, which took place during MWC in Barcelona. The report also states that the device will be employing an ePoP chip. This ePoP chip integrates all the core sensors on a single die, resulting in improved efficiency from the handset. One of the most notable changes between Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 will be that the former will feature a Type-C USB port. Apart from taking advantage of Qualcomm’s and Samsung’s fast-charging feature, users will also be able to transfer files across machines much faster than before.

This is because Type-C USB is also known as USB 3.1, and can reach data transfer speeds of 10Gbps. While we obviously will not able to see those levels of speeds due to a number of factors including interface limitations, the speeds will be much higher compared to what MicroUSB 2.0, or even 3.0 was capable of. In addition, Galaxy S7 is expected to retain the same resolution as Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6, which is 1440p, but will include a technology which is very similar to Apple’s 3D Touch.

Its primary camera sensor will eclipse the capabilities of both of its predecessors, which is terrific news for smartphone users that display high levels of affinity for their device’s camera functions. There is still some time for Galaxy S7 to be unveiled to the public, so we will keep you updated with the latest news concerning the upcoming smartphone. Are you guys excited for the imminent arrival of the handset? Let us know your thoughts right away.