Galaxy S22 Ultra to Get an Unlikely Camera Upgrade

Galaxy S22 Ultra to Get an Unlikely Camera Upg

We all know that Samsung is gearing to release the Galaxy S22 series in the first quarter of 2022, and so far, things have been exciting. I recently talked about how the cameras on the Galaxy S22 Ultra might not receive a significant upgrade. The tip that we have received points towards a very familiar-looking camera array, which is not bad. Why? Because the camera system on the Galaxy S21 Ultra is already class-leading and many of us would not complain if the same camera system makes its way towards the S22 Ultra.

The 108-Megapixel Camera Mode on the Galaxy S22 Ultra Could Get an Upgrade

Now, the latest tip suggests that Samsung will enhance the "details" of the 108-megapixel mode on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The tip is coming from Ice Universe, and the tipster claims that it is 100% confirmed.

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Now, before you start wondering what enhancing the detail means if you go to the 108-megapixel mode on your Galaxy S21 Ultra, the camera mode is relatively simple and lacks more advanced features. For starters, you cannot seamlessly switch between cameras at 108-megapixel mode, and you will have to turn it off if you want to use other cameras. Additionally, there is no way to use the 108-megapixel mode on the Pro mode.

Now, I am sure that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a better camera in terms of software and hardware, but at the time of writing, we are not sure just how far the upgrades will go. But the latest tip does suggest that we might see overall improvements in the camera, and well, I am looking forward to seeing that happen.

So far, all the tips suggest that the Galaxy S22 series will be released after January so that Samsung could make way for the Galaxy S21 FE, but let's see how things are going to go.

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