Galaxy S21 Series Will Ship Without Charger, Confirms Marketing Material

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy S21 Series Will Ship Without Charger, Confirms Marketing Material

Apple became the target of many people when they excluded the chargers from the iPhone 12 lineup, and Samsung was quick to make fun of them. However, right after the release of the iPhone 12, rumors started flying that the Galaxy S21 series is also going to ship without a charger, and well, this is now confirmed as we have our hands on the marketing material that reveals what you are going to get in the box. Guess what? No charger or earphones, but the USB Type-C cable and SIM ejection pin are available. Of course, you are also getting your Galaxy S21, if you are wondering that.

Samsung Removes Charger and Earphones from the Galaxy S21 Lineup

While Samsung did make fun of Apple for removing the charger, they later ended up removing their tweets about that friendly jab. Now, the company has followed suit and did the same. has given us the marketing material, and well, you can see it for yourself.

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Obviously, it is important to understand that the exclusion does not mean that Samsung is copying Apple. Both companies have enjoyed a healthy rivalry ever since the launch of the original Galaxy S. While there have been lawsuits in the past, the recent similarities between both companies point to a Game Theory taking place between both.

Considering how Samsung and Apple are the main rivals in the market, it is safe to say that they both make decisions that influence others' decisions. It is nothing new as the examples of Game Theory can be found everywhere.

In case you were wondering, Samsung is also removing the earphones from the Galaxy S21, but that is understandable considering how most people don't even use the earphones supplied with their phones, especially considering how we are headed towards a wireless future.

Removing the headphones and the power adapter also means that Samsung has the advantage of shrinking the packaging, which will reduce the packaging cost. Ultimately,  allow Samsung can save transport costs and the CO2 balance.

Let us know what you think about Samsung removing the power adapter and earphones from the Galaxy S21 series and whether it will sway your decision to buy the device or not.

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