Galaxy S21 Launch Date, Camera Details, and Colors Confirmed by Samsung Store

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy S21 Launch Date, Camera Details, and Colors Confirmed by Samsung Store

The Galaxy S21 series is trending these days and for all the right reasons. We have been waiting for the devices to release for some time, and the leaks cannot catch a break. After the leaked promo reels, we thought that things might slow down for a while, but another information dump today gives us plenty of information on all three devices coming soon.

Galaxy S21 Series Will Be Launching Officially on 14th January, Colors and Camera Details Also Revealed.

The reveal is coming through a source who has received a confirmation from a Samsung experience store that Samsung will announce the Galaxy S21 globally on January 14th, and the sales are going to commence on 29th January, later that month. The specific store in question has also started taking preorders for the three devices; however, the exact pricing is not yet revealed.

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However, we did get a confirmation on the three colorways that the devices will be released in. You can check them out below.

  • Galaxy S21: Grey, Pink, Purple, and White.
  • Galaxy S21+: Pink, Purple, Silver, and Black.
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra: Black and Silver.

In addition to that, the previously leaked camera specs have also been confirmed. The Galaxy S21 Ultra will be bringing a 108-megapixel main camera; however, there will be two 108-megapixel sensors, and one of them will offer 10x optical zoom, along with laser auto-focus. Samsung didn't provide us with the exact details on the remaining sensors, but we suppose that will be a 12-megapixel offering in the form of an ultra-wide sensor.

Last but not least, the phones will be launching alongside the Galaxy Buds Pro that has leaked various times now.

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