Galaxy S21 FE Quick Start Guide From Verizon Will Help You Set Up a Phone You Can’t Buy

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy S21 FE Quick Start Guide From Verizon will Help You Set Up a Phone You Can't Buy
Credits: Unsplash/Daniel Romero

The Galaxy S21 FE is coming. At least, that is what we have believed for some time now, and while the interest might be waning, it is safe to say that the leaks keep pouring. You have already seen the quick start guide once by Cricket, and now it has appeared again. However, this time, it is from Verizon.

The latest leak does not do anything but start the engines all over again and makes fans wonder when they will get their hands on the Galaxy S21 FE. Considering how we are halfway through September, and we still have no official confirmation from Samsung to begin with.

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The Galaxy S21 FE Guide Shows More Proof of the Existence of the Device

At this point, nothing about the device is a surprise, but if you are still interested, you can look at the quick start guide for your Galaxy S21 FE (whenever it releases) courtesy of SamMobile.

This quick start guide is not really as comprehensive as the one we have seen before but let's be honest, do we even need a quick start guide in the first place? When was the last time you read the documents that they send with your phone?

Without digressing, there is nothing about the Galaxy S21 FE that we do not know; the phone is said to come with a 6.5-inch 120Hz AMOLED display, a plastic body, and a combination of Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100. A microSD card slot is missing from the phone, but that does not really come as a surprise.

The phone is set to be announced somewhere in October or might even come out this month, but in all honesty, we are not sure what Samsung is up to as far as this device is concerned.

Are you still waiting for the Galaxy S21 FE, or have you moved on? Let us know your thoughts about the uncertain future of this device.

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