Galaxy S21 FE Launching in Limited Markets – Will Not Release in Korean Markets, Says New Report

Galaxy S21 FE Launching in Limited Markets - Will Not Release in Korean Markets, Says New Report

The Galaxy S21 FE is receiving a ton of traction lately, with a previous report claiming that Samsung will unveil it on January 4, with an official release happening on January 11. Unfortunately, the Korean giant might not be giving it the same treatment as other flagships because it may not be available in some markets, including Samsung’s home turf.

Samsung Could Be Limiting the Galaxy S21 FE Launch Due to the Galaxy S22 Unveiling Being so Near

A new report on Ddaily that was spotted by tipster Tron talks about the Galaxy S21 FE launching in limited markets. The report further states that the release will happen in Europe but does not explicitly state why Samsung is not pushing forward by unveiling the price-performance flagship in other markets, but it might have something to do with the imminent Galaxy S22 release.

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As it so happens, Samsung is planning on launching its new flagship series in February, so it probably wants a limited release of the Galaxy S21 FE because it does not want Galaxy S22 sales to suffer. Another reason for producing a limited number of units is the ongoing chip shortage, which has not just affected Samsung, but Apple too, which is known in the industry for commanding a strong supply chain.

We believe Samsung is making a mistake by launching the Galaxy S21 FE this late. For one thing, the unveiling should have happened earlier, such as September, as that was the month the Galaxy S20 FE materialized, and it became popular in the U.S., a market where Samsung commands a strong market share. The only thing that Samsung can capitalize on is making the Galaxy S21 FE as price-competitive as possible.

With the standard Pixel 6 carrying a $599 price, it might be difficult for Samsung to sell as many units as it hoped, but let us see what surprises 2022 holds.

News Source: Ddaily

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