Galaxy S20 Random Reboot Issues Will Be Addressed in Future Updates


Samsung is hard at work when it comes to releasing updates for the Galaxy S20 series; after all, the phones deserve the attention. If you are paying a premium for the devices, you are entitled to get the experience that justifies the price, as well. However, issues with software are a common occurrence as we have seen them time and again in new releases.

We recently talked about how the S20 devices are suffering from GPS issues; the issues are seemingly limited to the Snapdragon variant rather than the ones using Exynos SoC. It turns out that more issues are popping up, and this time, they are related to random reboots.

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Galaxy S20 Users are Experiencing Random Reboots on Their Devices

The case with random reboots is, well, random at best. Users all around the internet have reported it. You can head over to the official Samsung forums, Reddit, as well as XDA forums and you will see that the users are complaining about this issue.

What triggers the random reboot is confusing at best, some have reported unplugging or plugging headphones or charger causes the issue, but the nature of this issue is almost entirely random for those who are facing it. A user even took to YouTube and posted a video of the random reboot happening right after they have unplugged what appears to be a charger, you can check it out below.

At the same time, it is also important to know that the issue currently seems to affect the Exynos variant as opposed to the Snapdragon variant. The LTE variant of the Galaxy S20+ has been my daily driver since day 1 and I have not encountered any issues with the GPS or random reboots.

Still, a moderator on the European Samsung forums has said:

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The developers reckon that they’ve found the source of the issue, and are working on an update to resolve it. No timescale on that, but hoping it’s soon for you guys – so keep a look out for it coming your way.

They have also talked about how going for a replacement might be pointless since this is more likely a software issue than a hardware one.

This is not the first time a flagship phone has faced software issues; we have seen this happen in almost every flagship that has released in the past couple of years. One thing is for sure, whether software or hardware, the company always finds a solution. So, there is no need to panic.

Are you running into random reboots as well? If so, which variant are you running? Let us know in the comments.

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