Galaxy S20 Users Around the World are Reporting Issues With GPS Lock n Google Maps and Waze

By now, we are all familiar with just how good the Galaxy S20 series of smartphones is; the phones are amazing and loaded with brilliant specs that make them a wonder to use. However, much like newly released phones, these do have some issues that the company is currently working on.

At launch, the users reported that the Galaxy S20 Ultra's main camera has issues with autofocusing. Thankfully, that was just a software issue and Samsung did work on resolving that right away through an update. We also heard the news about the 45W fast charging that is found on the S20 Ultra not being as fast and stopping after reaching 30% of battery, after which it shifted to 25W, presumably to stop the phone from heating up. These issues were isolated at first but then more and more users started reporting it around the world. While they appear to be software issues rather than hardware ones, Samsung has not issued a comment on those.

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The latest issue appears to be in the form of a GPS problem that makes it difficult for a proper lock on while using Waze or Google Maps.

GPS Fails to Secure a Proper Lock On While Using Google Maps and Waze

The issue was first reported in a tweet by Mike Stankovich, who is facing this issue on his Galaxy S20+ and apparently, restarting the device does not seem to fix the issue, either. You can see the link to the tweet below.

Ever since that, there have been a number of reports popping up on the XDA Developers forums too, talking about the issue. Users are claiming that the Galaxy S20+, in particular, is taking anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to lock on to a location, and even after it does lock on, it is anything but reliable and constantly moves around the radius, which ultimately affects the navigation overall. Users over Reddit have stated that the issues are common with their devices, as well.

Going over the forums, the one common occurrence is that this issue is most persistent on the Snapdragon variant of the devices. However, to test it, we ran the same GPS test on our Exynos variant and the GPS locked on perfectly fine. You can see the GIF below.

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We are currently looking into more cases regarding this issue and waiting for Samsung to comment on the state of GPS.

Are you encountering issues with the GPS locking as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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