Galaxy S20 FE Sales Crossed 10 Million in 2021; Milestone Puts Pressure on Galaxy S21 FE to Succeed as Well

Omar Sohail
Galaxy S20 FE Sales Crossed 10 Million in 2021; Milestone Puts Pressure on Galaxy S21 FE to Succeed as Well

Although Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE saw a launch back in 2020, the smartphone quickly attained a high level of success thanks to its powerful specifications and attractive pricing. According to the latest data, this particular model crossed 10 million units in 2021, which is probably why Samsung went ahead with a Galaxy S21 FE launch, though the Korean giant took its sweet time.

Galaxy S21 FE May Not Replicate the Same Success as Predecessor Due to the Time It Took to Launch

A statement shared over an email with 9to5Google mentions the success of the Galaxy S20 FE as well as the number of units this model sold.

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“Since its launch in Q4 2020, Galaxy S20 FE sold 10 million units in just over a year, making it one of Samsung’s best-selling Galaxy smartphones over the past year.”

Looking at how well the Galaxy S20 FE did, it makes complete sense for Samsung to have proceeded with a Galaxy S21 FE launch, just as long as the company did it in a timely manner, which it did not. Where the Galaxy S20 FE launched in September of 2020, the Galaxy S21 FE’s announcement took place on January 3, 2022. Even now, the smartphone is not officially here, as customers will have to wait until January 11 to get their hands on it.

With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 expected to fuel 2022 flagships, launching a Snapdragon 888 handset in the same year might not be a compelling reason for customers to upgrade. Also, during the Galaxy S20 FE’s arrival, there were little to no alternatives available. With the Galaxy S21 FE, you have the Pixel 6, and coupled with the fact that Samsung announced the smartphone late, it can result in lower sales expectations compared to the Galaxy S20 FE numbers.

The Galaxy S22 launch is around the corner too, which may very well eat into the Galaxy S21 FE sales, but let us keep our fingers crossed and see how well Samsung’s latest offering does in a few months.

News Source: 9to5Google

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