Galaxy S10 Plus Can Download Data At 54Mbps, Beating iPhone XS Max


While its display is its most striking aspect, Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus also features other upgraded components. The smartphone comes with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855, which is coupled with the X24 modem on the smartphone's standard variant. Qualcomm's X24 is the company's latest 4G modem, and it comes at a time when the San Diego chip giant is busy pushing 5G. Now, the good folks over at PCMag have compared cellular speeds of the Galaxy S10 Plus with other flagship smartphones. Take a look below for more details.

Qualcomm's X24 Modem Shines In Data Transfer Speeds When Tested With Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus

Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon X24 in February 2018, and it's taken the modem one complete calendar year to make it on a smartphone. Before we head to the results, it's important to note that no other devices apart from Samsung's Galaxy S10 smartphones feature the X24 modem. So naturally, they're bound to lose out to the chip, since X20 was launch in 2017.

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With that being said, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus does impress in today's results and showing how it's worthwhile to make a smartphone upgrade. The devices that feature in today's data set are the LG V40, Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XS Max, Galaxy S8 Plus and the Pixel 3. At the bottom of the results is the Pixel 3, despite being a newer device than the Galaxy S9 Plus. Also, it goes without saying that all of Samsung's smartphones featured here run on Qualcomm's hardware.

As you can see above, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus can download data at a rate of 54.19 Mbps. This number is a conclusion gleaned off from 1000 tests run by users, so it's pretty accurate. In second place is LG's V40, which manages to keep up with the Galaxy S10 despite using older hardware. Carrier support is likely to blame for this, as networks don't completely support the X24's aggregation specifications.

Additionally, if you're interested in data speeds for carriers, today's survey also takes this into account. According to this data, AT&T has the fastest network, but we can't state this conclusively until further parameters for this sample are available. After all, it's also possible that AT&T's users make up for the smallest portion of our sample, and as a result, the average download speeds appear to be high for the carrier.

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