Galaxy S10 Has Big Feature Hinted At Through Official App’s Dissection

Ramish Zafar

One feature for Samsung's Galaxy S10 lineup that has also been rumored for the company's previous flagship gadget launches is virtual fingerprint recognition. However, while the earlier claims did not materialize, this time, it's a near-certainty that the S10 smartphones will become one of the first high-end gadgets to come with ultrasonic fingerprint recognition. Today we've got another report with this claim, using information from Samsung's mobile payments application. Take a look below for more details.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Feature Virtual Fingerprint Recognition Suggests App Teardown

The smartphone market has matured to an extent that major upgrades now take years to develop, and as a result, manufacturers are in a constant rush to deliver as much as they can on any one of a device's numerous features. Apple, in particular, made a big jump with the iPhone as it chose to completely remove fingerprint recognition from the gadget and introduce 3D facial recognition instead.

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Now, it looks as if 2019 will be the year when Android makers will also update biometric recognition for their smartphones. Virtual (or under-the-display) fingerprint sensing is a feature that first debuted on devices manufactured and sold primarily in China. It then featured on the OnePlus 6t, and now, the Samsung Galaxy S10 might also come with the feature. A fresh report from XDA Developers sheds more light on the matter.


Digging into the Samsung Pay app, XDA has found that the application contains direct references to an 'in-display FP scanner'. The part that they've analyzed deals with an interface change should a user authenticate their transaction with ultrasonic fingerprint recognition. This is an interesting discovery especially as it is from an app directly built by Samsung.  XDA also claims that their discovery extends to the Galaxy S10's codename being directly mentioned in the Samsung Pay app, but they have not provided any evidence to back this claim up.

While today's report is quite conclusive in its own right, we've still got reasons to suspect that virtual fingerprint recognition might run into with some problems on the Galaxy S10 lineup. A case maker has claimed that its products do not work well with this feature, and if this is the case, then it's too late for Samsung to make any design revisions on the S10. Hopefully, the Korean tech giant will have its bases covered.

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