Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Gets ‘Secure Wi-Fi’ VPN Service Via Software Update


As OEMs continue rolling out for fixes for KRACK vulnerability that targets Wi-Fi’s WPA2 encryption system by opening a portal for attackers to steal data, Samsung has rolled out an update for its Note 8 smartphone too. Today, the South Korean giant rolled out a software update to the Galaxy Note 8 that brings a new service that protects the device against Wi-Fi exploits like KRACK and more. This new service is named as Secure Wi-Fi.

The Secure Wi-Fi VPN service has been there on Samsung’s affordable Galaxy J series, but it has now made a leap to company's flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 8. The Secure Wi-Fi VPN service encrypts the outgoing Internet traffic and disables tracking apps and website. The working of this service allows users to browse the web securely on unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

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Samsung states that the Secure Wi-Fi service may reduce the speed of Wi-Fi connection and also affect battery life. Besides, it may also hinder the Note 8 from connecting with other devices running on the same Wi-Fi network. Samsung also notes that the Secure Wi-Fi may not work on some websites, networks, and apps that have their own security policy. Folks at SamMobile point out that Samsung may have collaborated with McAfee for the service.

To use Secure Wi-Fi, the Note 8 users who have installed the latest update have to head to the Settings menu > Connections > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Secure Wi-Fi option. After selecting the Secure Wi-Fi option, users will have to enable it. When activated, users can also manually pick apps that use it. For those who are not seeing the Secure Wi-Fi option on their Note 8, don't worry as the service may not be available in your region yet.

As the introductory offer, Samsung is extending 250MB of free Secure Wi-Fi data every month. There are other paid plans for users who seek unlimited protection. The pricing for the paid Secure Wi-Fi plans starts at $1.18 (€0.99) for 24 hours of service and $2.36 (€1.99) for a month of unlimited service.

News Source: SamMobile