Galaxy Note 7 Has Been Spotted With A Much More Powerful SoC Developed By Samsung

Omar Sohail
Galaxy Note 7 Has Been Spotted With A Much More Powerful SoC Developed By Samsung

The last time the specifications of Galaxy Note 7 were shown on a specifications sheet, the hardware was quite disappointing, seeing as how the smartphone only featured a Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM. However, this time, we are glad to see that another variant of the phablet has shown up on Geekbench, this time with a much powerful SoC developed by none other than Samsung.

Galaxy Note 7 Shows Up On AnTuTu With An Exynos 8893 And Disappointingly Low RAM Count

It was quite obvious that Samsung was going down the same road when the company announced its Galaxy S7 and S7 edge featuring both a Snapdragon 820 and an Exynos 8890. This time however, to provide some difference between the three smartphones, Galaxy Note 7 has shown up on Geekbench (image given below) and features the model name SM-N935F, and for those of you that do not know, this is suspected to be the curved edge screen model that Samsung has adopted for its previous smartphones and is said to sport an Exynos 8893.

In the specifications sheet, it states that the processor’s clock speed is 1.8GHz, but we should know by now that Geekbench always lists the slower processor if they are in a pair. Unfortunately, it’s the 4GB of RAM that has us worried. From all the rumors that we’ve read about, we always thought that Galaxy Note 7 was going to be packing 6GB RAM for additional multitasking options. Perhaps Samsung believes that incorporating a hefty amount of RAM will have dire consequences for the overall battery life and will work to reduce the overhead of the company’s custom UI instead, which we feel is more important.

Galaxy Note 7 (2)

OnePlus 3 features 6GB of RAM and that didn’t help the smartphone to gain the upper against a Galaxy S7 edge, which features 2GB RAM less than the affordable flagship. Other specifications of Galaxy Note 7 include a variety of storage models ranging from 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Keep in mind that you will have a MicroSD card slot for immediate storage expansion convenience so it’s not necessary that you invest in the highest internal memory model, unless of course you’re a complete baller.

To top this, Galaxy Note 7 has also been reported to feature a massive 5.7-inch screen (there could be another variant featuring a screen size of 6 inches too) and IP68 certification, meaning that the smartphone is going to be waterproof till a certain depth.


Which SoC variant would you be more interested in purchasing when the device is announced during the month of August? Let us know your thoughts immediately.


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