Two Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Units Get Pre-Ordered for Less Than $25 Thanks to a Bug Existing on Samsung’s Finnish Website [Update]

Omar Sohail
Two Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Units Get Pre-Ordered for Less Than $25 Thanks to a Bug Existing on Samsung’s Finnish Website

Do you ever feel lucky that you were able to obtain an excellent deal on a flagship smartphone? A Twitter user who goes by the handle NiklasGods probably one-upped you and must be absolutely elated when he was able to take advantage of a bug present in Samsung’s Finnish website by pre-ordering not one, but two Galaxy Note 20 Ultra flagships for pretty much a throwaway price.

Customer Also Pre-Orders Two Galaxy Buds Live but Unfortunately, Their Price Tag Wasn’t Affected Because of the Bug

The grand total of the two pre-ordered Galaxy Note 20 Ultra flagships came to a measly €19.80 thanks to the bug and if you use direct currency conversion, it equals less than $25. Unfortunately, NiklasGods also pre-ordered two Galaxy Buds Live but couldn’t take advantage of the bug to give him that insane discount. The grand total for the four items stood at €399.80, and using the same direct currency conversion, the total equals approximately $474.03, which is absolute peanuts for what was actually pre-ordered.

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However, it’s not confirmed if Samsung will actually go through with this order or not. If the company does, then it will be a massive victory for NiklasGods since it’s been a considerably long time since someone was able to take advantage of a glitch in a website to place an order. To recap on what the lucky individual ordered, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is armed with either a Snapdragon 865 Plus or an Exynos 990, depending on where you live.

He will also get to experience content on that massive 6.9-inch WQHD+ AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, which also supports LTPO tech that is not only easy on the battery, but it will switch between between 1Hz and 120Hz refresh rates to conserve battery life but that refresh rate will keep on changing to different values depending on what you’re doing.

You also get up to 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and 512GB UFS 3.1 storage and all of that is paired with an impeccable camera system. So what do you think; should NiklasGods consider himself a lucky customer? Tell us down in the comments.

[Update] - Samsung probably recognized the bug in its Finnish website and canceled the order nearly immediately. NiklasGods must be feeling completely devastated right about now.

News Source: Twitter (NiklasGods)

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