Future iPad Pro Models to Feature Horizontal Camera Placement, as Apple Aims to Make Its Landscape Mode Default for Daily Usage

Future iPad Pro Models to Feature Horizontal Camera Placement, as Apple Aims to Make Its Landscape Mode Default for Daily Usage

Now that the M1 iPad Pro features desktop-class hardware, Apple can find more ways to make its user base believe that its ‘top of the line’ tablet family can replace your laptop. To further encourage this habit change, the company is rumored to adopt a horizontal camera placement, which can mean that all Face ID components and the front-facing sensor will see a shift in position.

Tipster Does Not Confirm if This Change Will Arrive in the M1 iPad Pro’s Successor

Where the current M1 iPad Pro family features its front-facing camera on the top of the display’s bezel, Dylan, who has provided useful information concerning Apple’s M1X MacBook Pro models, has commented on Twitter that this configuration will be changed. Since many iPad Pro users switch to landscape mode to carry out their desired task, be it content consumption, video editing, or any other, all of these are done while using the tablet in a horizontal position, like using a regular notebook.

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However, using your current iPad Pro in this position would make it difficult to capture your face correctly when authenticating, taking a picture, or video calling, so it makes sense that Apple is rumored to switch the camera configuration to a horizontal one. Additionally, the Cupertino tech giant may switch to landscape mode as default, allowing users to immediately see the UI as they would when they power on their notebook.

This change could save a few seconds, but it might mean the entire world to some customers who continuously switch to landscape manually, which makes for a tedious operation. Dylan also mentions that Apple will place the logo horizontally, which is not surprising to hear, given the company’s focus on paying attention to the little details.

Unfortunately, we do not know if Apple will introduce this change in the next iPad Pro. We have heard that the current-generation 11-inch M1 iPad Pro will feature a mini-LED upgrade next year, but apart from that, the tipster shared no other information. Do you think switching the camera and other components to a horizontal configuration, along with the landscape mode being default will make things a whole lot easier for customers daily driving their iPad Pro? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Dylan

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