FSP Releasing A Dual System Case That Looks Stunning – Also Mention First Water Cooled Power Supply

A lot of new products that are very unique are hitting the market and FSP is adding some of their own. They are a leading manufacturer in power supplies and they have a new case and new power supplies. The name of the case is CMT710 and feature a dual chamber design. The power supply is the Dagger Pro and has is an SFX design.

The CMT710 - A Super Clean Dual System Case

There has not been much said about the case. So far we know it has a dual chamber design focused toward water cooling. It allows for dual 360mm radiators and that is another indication that the case is for water cooling experts. The design is anodized aluminum with symmetrical wings that combine looks with dynamics. The side panels are made of translucent tempered glass.

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The case will probably on display water cooling as they mentioned that they will be bringing in famous modders to use the power supply in builds. The power supply will be down below. This case also offers a PSU shroud to keep everything tidy and an ARGB lighting controller. It also offers USB Type-C connectors on the I/O. I am expecting this to have a high price point as this is a very high-end case and probably will come out in limited quantities. This will compete with some of InWin’s cases such as the 928 Super Tower and the Cougar Gemini X or Conquer.

High-End SFX Power Supply With Quality Components - Also Mention A Water Cooled Power Supply

The other product that FSP is counting on the Dagger Pro SFX power supply. To prove the quality of the power supply, they have invited famous modders out to make builds with power supply. These will go on display at their booth in Computex. The Dagger Pro has two main themes which are military and eco-friendly. This power supply will be very well utilized in a dual system case such as their CMT710 or the Corsair 1000D.

This power supply is fully modular and offers a wattage of 550 or 650 watts. They say it can sufficiently support dual CPUs with no problem. Obviously, consumer chips such as HEDT chips have monstrous power consumption. They also have the highest quality Japanese electrolytic capacitors. This allows for a rated of 80+ gold. It also features intelligent fan speed control which allows for it to be qualified as semi-fanless because when the consumption is low enough, the fan won’t spin.

They also mention the first liquid cooled power supply which is the Hydro PTM 850W. It offers RGB lights and an 80+ platinum rating. No images and further information has not been mentioned.

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