Santa Starts Slaughtering in the Free Hitman 2 December Roadmap


Hitman, as a series, has come along pretty damn well, hasn't it? Following the original news that Hitman was going to be an episodic title and the great success that was, to the full-fledge excellent title that is Hitman 2, IO Interactive and the Hitman franchise is back to form.

Agent 47 has always been a generous fellow, lending his favourite piano wire to the necks of many friends, sometimes giving people a bit of a surprise ingredient in their food and never one to shy away from lending people a few grains of copper or lead - rarely does he ask for them back! Now it's time for IO Interactive and Agent 47 to give you a present in a whole host of content over the Christmas season.

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Starting tomorrow, the 5th of December, a roadmap of free content for Hitman 2, bringing back the Snow Festival and Holiday Hoarders seasonal events and letting you win a permanent Santa suit for yourself. Let's be honest, we all know the ideal way for 47 to sneak into any mission is through the use of an inconspicuous bright red costume with a big white beard.

The exact list of the content in the Hitman 2 December updates, what they are and when they're released are as follows:

  • The Truman Convention Escalation Contract in Santa Fortuna (Colombia) – Available Dec. 5
  • The Raaz Algorithm Escalation Contract in Mumbai (India) – Available Dec. 5
  • The Chef Legacy Elusive Target in Paris (France) – Available Dec. 6-15
  • 12 Days of Contracts Community Curated Contracts – Available Dec. 12
  • The Han Encasement Escalation Contract in Mumbai (India) – Available Dec. 12
  • Holiday Hoarders Seasonal Event in Paris (France) – Available Dec. 17
  • Snow Festival Seasonal Event in Hokkaido (Japan) – Available Dec. 17
  • The Rafael Misadventure Escalation Contract in Isle of Sgàil (North Atlantic) – Available Dec. 17
  • The Kotti Paradigm Legacy Escalation Contract in Paris (France) – Available Dec. 17
  • IO Interactive’s Monthly HITMAN 2 Livestream on Twitch – Dec. 17
  • The Stowaway Legacy Elusive Target in Isle of Sgàil (North Atlantic) – Available Dec. 20 through Jan. 6

So there you go. Starting tomorrow you get a whole host of free content for Hitman 2. This should abate your tendencies, letting you keep your murdering on-screen. Don't forget to pick up your ice pick from Hokkaido, it's more than effective at dispatching your next contract - ask Trotsky.