Get Your Free Last of Us Dynamic Theme Product Code Right Here

Rizwan Anwer

The Last of Us has been under my radar for a while now and with the recent VGA 2011 trailer I am very excited for this game, but Sony has decided to do a little marketing and hand out free Last of Us Dynamic theme codes, sadly the codes only work on United States accounts but you can always make a second account on your PS3 right? You can get the product code below:

The product code for the free Last of Us Dynamic Theme is:


Redeeming a code is pretty simple, simply navigate to your PlayStation Network tab in your XMB, navigate down to the PlayStation Store and on the top right of the screen will be a Redeem Code option. You have to make sure you are on NORTH AMERICA account for this code to work, but since themes carry over between accounts you don't need to worry about it being restricted to your US account only.

The code DOES work for multiple uses as I have shared this code with friends and on forums so I can confirm that the code can be used endless number of times until it reaches its expiry just like the complimentary Starhawk theme a few months ago so make sure you make good on the code as soon as possible while its still good.

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