Forza Horizon 5 is Finally Getting DLSS Support, but DLSS 3 isn’t Quite a Lock

Sep 26, 2022 12:02 PM EDT
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Last week, NVIDIA rolled out their latest GeForce RTX 40-Series GPUs as well as their latest DLSS 3 upscaling and performance-enhancing tech. NVIDIA used a handful of games to show off DLSS 3, including Marvel’s Spider-Man and Microsoft Flight Simulator, but it seems there’s another major game that may possibly use it – Forza Horizon 5.

While a big announcement wasn’t made, the promo page for NVIDIA's new RTX 4090 card includes the following chart…

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As you can see, the chart shows Forza Horizon 5, with the light-green part of the bar indicating the performance boost the game will get with DLSS. Forza Horizon 5 getting DLSS at all is an announcement, as it doesn’t yet support the tech. Now, the big question – will FH5 support DLSS 3? The chart’s fine print mentions frame generation, which is a tech exclusive to DLSS 3, but the fine print also uses the term “when applicable” multiple times, implying not all the games on the chart will use the latest DLSS tech. In fact, we know Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t using the tech.

So, is DLSS coming to Forza Horizon 5? It seems so. Is it going to be the latest DLSS 3 support? That’s not a lock. If Playground Games is going to add DLSS to FH5, it would be somewhat odd for them not to take advantage of the best-possible tech, but who knows? We'll update you if and when more info is available.

Missed out on Forza Horizon 5? Wccftech’s Chris Wray very highly recommended the game in his full 9.5 out of 10 review

“Forza Horizon 5 is yet another step up for the series and arguably the best racing game ever made. Offering a host of content across a fantastic representation of Mexico, its varied terrain and scenery, there's so much to explore and race. A massive roster of cars will perform all of these, each feeling different from the others. All in all, it's impossible not to recommend this for anybody, regardless of them being a fan of racing games or not, as this is that good.”

Forza Horizon 5 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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