How to Forward Photos & Videos in iOS Messages App – iPhone and iPad


Here's how you can forward photos and videos to someone else from Messages app in iOS running on iPhone or iPad.

Learn to Forward Photos & Videos in iOS, Saving You Loads of Time and Fuss

We send and receive lots and lots of photos and videos every single day. At times, we will even stumble across a gem that's worth sharing with others. But of course, when it comes to sharing, we use the age-old route of first downloading the photo or video to our device, head over to the Camera Roll, then create a new message, and send things off from there. But thankfully, if you received a photo, video or a bunch of them directly in the Messages app, you can easily forward them to someone else without much fuss. Wanna learn how? Just follow the steps outlined below.

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1. Launch the Messages app and go to the thread where the photo or video is which you want to forward to someone else.

2. Once you have located the photo, tap and hold on it until you see a bunch of options.

3. Now tap on the More button at the bottom.

4. You'll see a 'forward' icon at the bottom right hand corner that looks like an arrow. Tap on it as well.

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5. A new conversation thread will now open up. Simply select the contact(s) to which you wish to forward the photo or content to, then tap on send.

That's it, you now know how to forward photos and videos right from your iPhone or iPad. This method will end up saving you a lot of time, as you do not have to download the photo or video to your Camera Roll and then forward it to someone else. Everything happens within the Messages app if you are opting for the built-in forward option.

Wrap Up

While the above feature might be known by a lot of users out there, but for those who are new, it's something that should be on the tip of their fingers. After all, saving a photo or video to the device first before you can do anything at all with it is a huge pain. But, we really wish the forward button wasn't that obscure at all. Rather, Apple can take a cue from WhatsApp's playbook, where the forward button appears there and then as soon as you tap and hold on a message.