Foldable iPad Specs Shared by Tipster Include 3nm A-Series Chip, microLED Screen, 2023 Release

Omar Sohail
Foldable iPad Specs Shared by Tipster Include 3nm A-Series Chip, microLED Screen, 2023 Release

Talks about a foldable iPad were already in the works, with rumors of the tablet sporting a display size equivalent to a MacBook doing the rounds. Now a tipster has shared some alleged specs of the upcoming slate, but don’t expect the promising hardware to arrive this early.

New Foldable iPad Could Feature Two Displays That ‘Seamlessly’ Connect to One Another

Impressive specifications of the foldable iPad or iPhone have been shared by tipster but he claims that the earliest we’ll see it is somewhere around 2023. Apple is already working on microLED technology, and the company’s partner states that this tech should be present in commercial products in around three to four years, so the timeline from the tipster seems about right here.

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Apparently, Apple wants to get foldable devices right, which is why Komiya has tweeted that this unique iPad won’t sport any hinges, but two panels that will seamlessly be able to connect to one another. He also claims that this slate will have an under-screen camera and surprisingly, Touch ID support, but no mention of Face ID. Considering that Face ID is more convenient than unlocking the device with your finger, you’d think that the tipster would include this addition instead.

The foldable iPad is also expected to be a powerhouse and an efficient one at that because it may feature a 3nm A-series SoC that might be called the A16X or A17X so that all depends on Apple regarding the official name of the silicon. With Samsung making a jump from 5nm to 3nm technology, the iPhone giant might tap the South Korean conglomerate and split orders with TSMC if it sees that Samsung has matched the Taiwanese firm in technological prowess.

Since this unnamed foldable iPad won’t be short on performance, the tipster claims that this product will deliver the best experience when paired with Apple Glasses, the company’s rumored augmented reality head-mounted wearable. The specifications and the overall design of the foldable iPad honestly sound like something out of a fairy tale, which is also the reason why you should treat all of this information with a pinch of salt for now. Previous rumors of a foldable iPhone were also doing the rounds, with analysts claiming that it will most likely release in 2021.

We’re not sure of Apple’s plans for now, but do note that we’ll continue to update our readers when more info becomes available so stay tuned.

News Source: Twitter (Komiya)

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