Flying Cars Will Be Around Us In Two Years

Ahmed Bilal

Since Back to the Future II made us realize how amazing and beautiful 2015 could be with the advent of flying cars all around us, it has made us quite curious as to when an actual flying car would be in front of us. However even after having so many thought provoking and initiating projects at hand, the concept of flying cars hasn't been developed to such an extent where we would be flying in our cars zooming above traffic jams instead of being stuck in one (most of the time!)

The future is here, you better be ready for it!

This technology has remained a mystery to many of us. But finally after so much time vested into a single project a company, AeroMobil, is reported to have said that flying cars are going to be here in a maximum time of two years, that too with commercial availability. In last October the Slovakian Company primarily winged a prototype at hand which was shown off by the creators. And a few months later the same happened last weekend by Southwest. Their plan is to release a vehicle into the market as early as they can, says co-founder and the CEO Juraj Vaculik.

“We are now scaling up quite fast, building the team, and the plan is that in 2017 we’ll be able to announce… the first flying roadster,” Vaculik told US cable channel CNBC. “The point is not only to showcase that it’s possible to marry together a plane and a car, but to really commercialise it.”

The Prototype is called AeroMobil 3.0, and it is approximately the size of a limousine (just a tad bit smaller). Looking at it the first thing that comes to mind is a Transformer, turning from a car to a plane when needed and then ultimately returning to its disguise as a car. The company has been testing the prototype since October and it has reached around 200km/h while flying and on ground speeds reach up to 130km/h. The question that comes to mind after reading all of this is how much will this majestic car cost? The company hasn't given any figures as such but they did announce that it will cost somewhere between a Tesla Motor car and a small plane, so that’s around a couple of hundred thousand dollars. But it’s still worth the money isn't it?

Another thing that comes to mind is whether everyone will be allowed to drive the car, obviously not! Some people might consider this a downside that you need some sort of a pilot’s license to be able to fly the car, but if you look at it from a safety point of view it is much better as it would save many accidents from happening just because the person driving didn't know how to fly properly.

Taking the stats into consideration AeroMobil 3.0 may not make its deadline. If we look back at attempts to make flying cars, back in 2010 a US company, Terrafugia, said they would deliver their flying car model within one year. We still haven’t seen anything from them, but let’s not lose hope maybe 2017 will be the year flying cars finally hit the market (fingers crossed).


The car looks visually stunning in these photos provided on their website. @Credit URL

For more info visit the company's website


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