Fix Substrate After iOS 10 / iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak – How to


Cydia Substrate is currently broken on iOS 10, iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.1.1 after Yalu jailbreak. But here's how you can fix it.

You Can Fix Substrate After Yalu Jailbreak, But Make Sure You Are Aware of All The Risks Involved

The iOS 10 / iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak is finally here but it's in beta form. It's mainly meant for developers and a lot of things are currently broken. And due to its beta nature, the developer behind the jailbreak did not include Substrate in this build for a lot of reasons. But if you want to get it right now, then follow the steps outlined below.

Before you even fix Substrate, please be well aware of the fact that tweaks and apps aren't ready for this jailbreak. There are chances a lot can go wrong in what you are about to do given you are not a developer. There even might come a point where you are forced to restore your device, giving you no option but to jump straight to iOS 10.2. With that made absolutely clear, follow the steps given below.

Tutorial to Fix Substrate

First of all install Substrate from Cydia then follow the steps below.

1. Launch Cydia from your home screen.

2. Add the following source:

3. Once the source is added, let Cydia refresh properly. Once it's done, search for the following package: Substrate Fix (iOS 10)

4. Once downloaded and installed, open the package up and your device will respring. Once you are booted up again, everything should be fine, and Substrate should be working. Don't be surprised at all if it's not. You are dealing with a beta after all.

Once again, while you may have seemingly fixed Substrate, please do not attempt to install any tweak or app from Cydia that makes use of the interface. You will, highly likely, experience crashes and whatnot if you take one misstep. Every precaution you take from this moment onward will ensure things run as smoothly as possible. If you do manage to trash your device by installing a faulty tweak, then use SSH in order to remove that specific tweak.

As the jailbreak moves towards stability, Saurik himself will likely push out a fixed Substrate build for everyone to utilize. Right now, the only way to experience Substrate in its finest is by following the steps outlined above.

Make sure you check out our jailbreak tutorial before heading out: