Fix iPhone, iPad Apps Downloading Slow On WiFi Issue Once And For All


Apps and games downloading slow on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch while connected to WiFi? Then here's how you can fix the issue right away and for good.

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Despite having a speedy Internet connection at home, a lot of users around the world have faced the nasty issue of apps and games downloading painfully slow on their iPhones, iPads or iPod touches. The reason for that can be boiled down to one thing - the DNS service you're using.

This writer, despite having a 20 megabit Internet connection at home, saw apps download at the speed of snail on his iPhone and iPad. To put things into perspective, an app or game sized around 50 to 70MB would take well over 10 minutes to fully download and install. That's just awfully slow, and something that would put off a user instantly. But thankfully, there's a fix, and it requires a little to no effort, and no more than 10 minutes of your time at best.

Changing Your DNS Address Can Significantly Boost Your App Store Download Speeds

The fix is in the form of using a different DNS server address when you connect to your WiFi network. See, the thing is, not all DNS addresses work flawlessly. For example, with Google DNS being the best and fastest there is for Web browsing, but when it comes to downloading and streaming content from the App Store or the iTunes Store, things can get ridiculously slow. Also keep one thing in mind, Google's DNS might work like a charm for the majority, but might fail to deliver for some users. In that case, you might want to opt for a different DNS service, and there are a lot out there to try out, and we're gonna jot down all of our preferred services in a neat list below.

  • Google DNS -,
  • Level 3 -,
  • OpenDNS -,
  • Comodo Secure DNS -,
  • Norton ConnectSafe -,
  • DNS Advantage -,

While there are many DNS providers out there, but these are the best and most renowned ones. In order to use these DNS addresses with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then simply follow our detailed guide posted here: How To Use Custom DNS Settings On iPhone, iPad.


Keep one thing in mind, not all of the above mentioned DNS addresses will work for everyone, so you have to try them out manually one after the other till you find the right one. And if a particular DNS suits your needs and has indeed boosted your App Store download speed, then we highly recommend that you integrate these DNS addresses directly into your WiFi router for a smoother overall experience.

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