Fix Apple Magic Mouse Losing Connection Issue When You Bump It On The Table


Is your Apple Magic Mouse losing connection with your Mac when you bump it on the table? Here's the fix for it.


A Simple Bump Will Turn Your Magic Mouse Off, But You Can Fix It Yourself For Free

The Apple Magic Mouse is a design and engineering marvel, all thanks to its sleek curves and innovative touch surface for scrolling and doing a bunch of other tasks in OS X. And while the Magic Mouse does have its set of perks, you cannot rule out the fact that it comes with a bunch of flaws as well. Keeping that in mind, there's an issue plaguing Magic Mouse users where the device will simply lose connection with a connected Mac as soon as you gently bump it on the table.

The issue can be traced back to the fact that there is too much space between the battery itself and the external cover that keeps it in place. Bumping the Magic Mouse on the table simply moves the battery out of place, causing the mouse to 'reboot,' hence losing connection and you're left with waiting in fury as things come back to normality.

But how do you fix the issue?

It's rather simple, and we have a series of photos showing what needs to be done. Details can be found right after the photos themselves.

To put things in simple words - grab a piece of paper, fold it a couple of times and place it between the empty space where the battery and battery cover is. Close the battery cover, make sure the folds aren't straining anything, and try gently bumping your Magic Mouse on the table and see if it loses connection again.

Quite frankly, I've been using this trick for over an year now, and things are going great for me. My Magic Mouse never ceases to lose a connection no matter how hard I smash it on the table, but of course, I wouldn't recommend anyone doing that.

Also keep in mind that this issue is long gone with the Magic Mouse 2, since the new pointing accessory from Apple has a built-in battery. If you do, however, face the issue on the new Magic Mouse 2, then we highly recommend that you take your unit for replacement or repairs. But for owners of the Magic Mouse, try out this fix, and you won't be disappointed in any case.

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