First Wild West Online Gameplay Footage Showcased by 612 Games


612 Games and DJ2 Entertainment shared the very first Wild West Online gameplay footage today. Presented by Stephane Bugaj, the footage lasts six minutes and showcases a few towns, environments and features. For example, the saloon features a number of recreational activities like gambling (poker, roulette), brawling against other players, drinking and of course talking to NPCs (presumably to get missions).

The developers also promised the ability to steal without repercussions as long as you're not seen by any NPCs. Meanwhile, all players will be able to walk into the Sheriff's office and enroll as a Deputy, taking on any outstanding bounties on player characters.

Wild West Online To Debut May 10th on Steam Early Access

There's also a "rest cabin", where players can restore their health, access their stash and crafting desk, and change outfit; it's also possible to unlock fast travel between cabins, giving a quick way to navigate through the game world.

This first Wild West Online gameplay video concludes with the night hunt for a player to kill him and collect his bounty. So far, the environments look pretty good while the animations clearly need work.

If you're interested in reading more about Wild West Online, be sure to check our exclusive developer interview from last month. The game is due to launch later this year on PC.