First Screens Of The Last Of Us Appear


The Last of Us is Sony's newest project which they are being very hush about. Aside from an official site and an odd video with an ant in it there is very little known about the game until now. The game is definitely headed for the PlayStation 3 but if you are wondering what the plot or release date is your guess is as good as mine.

Judging from the trailers below I would definitely peg this as a post apocalyptic zombie survival horror game considering how the people are fighting back constantly and how the authorities are working so hard to keep them back  and how everyone is wearing masks and how the video again shows scenes of people trying to get out of the city. And the name itself is also a good hint on the game being a zombie survival horror game I mean "Last of Us" Could be like the Walking Dead for example. Where most of humanity has been turned to undead while the remaining are survivors and are dying out slowly for whatever reason. The screen at the top could be one of the locations where the survivors seek refuge and the news article in the picture below again suggests a similar theme.

If the game is anything like Dead Nation I would definitely appreciate it, otherwise if Sony works on making this a good survival horror game then I am sure that the trailers are doing a pretty good job of keeping us in the dark as to the games true identity. We still have no idea of the protagonist, or story or anything related to the game other than deductions from the video and the screenshots.

Below is the second screen and a few other videos released teasing the game

Image Courtesy of IGN

and some trailers of the game.

an Ant teaser

and an extended Ant teaser

Leave a comment below on what you think of the game and the videos so far, VGA will have a full trailer of the game up on Saturday but until then enjoy these mysterious screens and videos.