First Galaxy S22 Ultra Renders are Here – Rest in Peace Galaxy Note

Furqan Shahid

Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 earlier this year and confirmed that the Galaxy Note device would not be released this year. Well, now that we are closer to the year 2022, Samsung is gearing up for the Galaxy S22 series, and we have our hands on the Galaxy S22 Ultra renders, and well, this confirms that the Galaxy Note series is dead for good.

Now, keep in mind that these are early rendered, and there is a high chance that the final product will not look like this. The leak is coming from Steve Hemmerstoffer and Digit, so we know that they are trustworthy.

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Bid Farewell to the Galaxy Note as the Galaxy S22 Ultra Renders Confirm the S Pen Slot

These do show an unusual camera bump on the back. Still, the most interesting bit here is how the phone looks like the Galaxy Note, as the phone now has much more prominent, squared-off edges rather than round corners like we have seen in the Galaxy S series of devices. You can check the renders out below.


From the first glance, one can tell that the Galaxy S22 Ultra appears to be a lot more like a Note phone than ever. The Galaxy S21 Ultra was the first phone to support S Pen, and soon the Galaxy Z Fold 3 followed in the same footsteps. Ever since that, we have heard rumors that Samsung has decided to pull the plug, and these renders are just further proofing what we have been suspecting for some time.

The alleged display on the Galaxy S22 Ultra is 6.8-inch and has a curved screen on the side. You are even getting the S Pen slot, the last indicator of the Galaxy Note series. Again, the device's final design can change upon launch, but you should not wait for the upcoming Galaxy Note anymore.

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