Fire Emblem Fates Complete Edition For Nintendo Switch Briefly Listed On Amazon


Fire Emblem Fates is one of the most peculiar entries in the series, as it has been released as two different versions called Birthright and Conquest, with a third story path released only as DLC. Those who have never experienced all story paths may get a more comfortable chance to do so in the future.

A few hours ago, Amazon Spain started listing Fire Emblem Fates Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch. This new version of the game, which will likely include all story paths, is apparently releasing on November 17th. The listing has been removed, but a screenshot of the listing has been sent to My Nintendo News.

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As Nintendo has yet to make an official announcement on the game, we have to take the listing with a grain of salt. Considering the popularity of Fire Emblem Fates, however, this release is extremely likely.

Last year, Dave reviewed Fire Emblem Fates Birthright, praising the final few chapters of the game as well as its mechanics.

The final few chapters ramp the story up and include some fantastic scenes which wrap up the entire story quite elegantly. Few threads are left loose, if any, and some surprising interactions and development happen between characters that could’ve gotten away with having none whatsoever. All of that, on top of the tried-and-tested Fire Emblem battle system makes Birthright one of the best games to get for your 3DS, if not the best strategy title.

Despite my prior feelings that Fire Emblem Fates would be lacking for having split its story, it actually feels more like a full-fat package than ever. There’s so much to do, so much more I want to do, and so much that I will go back to tackle – including the bonus DLC missions.

Fire Emblem Fates Birthright and Conquest are now available on Nintendo 3DS in all regions.