Fire Emblem Fates North American Release Gets An Entire Support Conversation Cut

The Nintendo 3DS exclusive role playing game Fire Emblem Fates is finally available in North America, but both versions of the game, Conquest and Birthright, are currently under fire due to the many changes that have been made to the game during localization. We aren't just talking about dialogue getting heavily reworked, but also features that have been changed or completely removed in the North American release. A few hours yet another huge change from the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Fates has been spotted, a change that really makes no sense at all.

Fire Emblem Fates

A few hours ago a Fire Emblem Fates video, showcasing a support conversation between two characters, has emerged online. This conversation, however, isn't exactly a wordy one, as the two characters don't talk to each other. This isn't the case in the Japanese version of the game, as the two characters actually talk about their personal histories, and how they deal with being assassins.

While two cold blooded assassins glaring at each other might make sense, this is still no reason to cut dialogue which lets players know more about the two characters, considering that character development is what support conversations are all about.

This cut, however, may be accidental. One user has reported that the following conversations happen as if the cut one hasn't been removed at all. If this is indeed the case, it may be fixed in the future.

So i married these two, Dat S-Support Tho.Its kinda curious that the B-A-S supports continues like if original C support actually happen (in the Japanese conversation the C support is about Saizo and Beruka talking about their killcounts).Who know maybe is a glitch and would be fixed in the launch of Revelations( 10th march) or the translator team ruined it trying to make a Dank Meme

This specific support conversation isn't the only one that has been changed for the Western release of Fire Emblem Fates. Last month, it's been revealed that another support conversation, which has been deemed as controversial, has been completely changed in the North American release. Nintendo apparently decided to change this conversation so to "make it make it appropriate for that particular territory"

Fire Emblem Fates is now available in North America exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. The European release date has yet to be confirmed officially.

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