Final Fantasy XV’s Second Half Is More Linear Than the First, 40/50H Total Playtime Estimated


Final Fantasy XV, the soon to be released new entry of the role playing game series by Square Enix, is going to set itself apart from the rest of the series with its open world gameplay experience, but it seems like not the whole game will be as open as the segments we have seen so far, according to the game's director.

In a recent interview with Famitsu, director Hajime Tabata confirmed that only the first half of Final Fantasy XV is an open world experience, with the second half featuring a linear path. By doing this, the Final Fantasy XV director hopes to avoid players getting bored with the open world experience while also tightening the whole experience and giving a traditional Final Fantasy experience to those looking for it. He also added that the first half, plus only the main route of the second will take players around 40-50 hours to complete, hinting that players will still have some degree of freedom during this second half of the game.

Earlier this month, it's been officially confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will not release next month, as announced a few months back, but this November. The game is done, but it required a huge day one patch that the team preferred to include in the final release so that those without an internet connection can enjoy the game at its best.

Final Fantasy XV definitely needed the additional development time. The Gamescom 2016 demo, while impressive, has shown how the game still needs some polish for several features. Still, Final Fantasy XV now plays better than ever, so the long wait is definitely going to be worth it.

Final Fantasy XV launches this November in all regions on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.