Final Fantasy XV DLSS Beta Now Available for the Full Game; NVIDIA Releases New Optimized Game Ready Driver

Alessio Palumbo
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

Beta support for NVIDIA DLSS technology has been added to the full version of Final Fantasy XV through a Steam update. At the same time, NVIDIA announced the release of an optimized Game Ready driver (417.35), available now for download.

To enable DLSS, download the FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION update once available on Steam, open the in-game options menu, set your resolution to 3840x2160 (4K) and enable DLSS under Graphics > Anti-aliasing setting. Then let us know your feedback on the first DLSS beta so we can continue to train and refine the performance and image quality of the deep learning network via future NVIDIA software updates.

According to NVIDIA, this allows 4K@60FPS gameplay with maximum settings. They also provided a brief gameplay demonstration, which you can find below. Square Enix did tell us in an exclusive interview that there would be a significant performance boost, and it appears they were right. Check back soon for our inevitable analysis by Keith.

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Of course, the new driver also comes with the usual bunch of fixes. We've added the highlights below, straight from the official release notes.

Game Ready - Provides the optimal gaming experience for the release of Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) in Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition.

Added or updated the following 3D Vision profiles

• Insurgency Sandstorm - Not Recommended
• Atlas - Fair

Fixed Issues

  • [SLI][TITAN Xp]: SLI is disabled by default after installing the driver. [200471881]

  • [TITAN V][NVIDIA Control Panel]: The Workstation->Manage GPU Utilization page appears when it shouldn’t. [200470813]

  • [Rocket League]: The game launches to a white screen with audio in the background and then crashes. [2451530]

  • [Battlefield V: Day0 97][Ansel]: After being moved all the way to the left, the Ansel Field-of View (FoV) slider stops following the click-and-drag mouse movement. [2438857]

  • [Hitman 2 Silent assassin]: There is flickering texture corruption in the game. [200472315]

  • [Notebook][3D games]: Frame rate of 3D games may drop to under 30 fps on notebooks. [2456653]

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