Final Fantasy VII Remake New Video Reveals Development Insights

Final Fantasy VII Remake

A new Final Fantasy VII Remake video documentary series has been launched today, giving players some new information on the game's development.

The first Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake video features interviews with several key members of the development team, such as Producer Yoshinori Kitase, Director Tetsuya Nomura, and others.

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Bringing together interviews with the game’s creators, artists and developers, Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake gives an exclusive look at some of the secrets behind the creation of one of the most anticipated videogames of all time.

This first video serves as an introduction to the development of FFVII Remake and features interviews with renowned developers including:
Yoshinori Kitase (Producer)
Tetsuya Nomura (Director & Concept Design)
Kazushige Nojima (Story & Scenario)
Naoki Hamaguchi (Co-Director – Game Design / Programming)
Motomu Toriyama (Co-Director – Scenario Design)

The long-anticipated first part of the remake of the classic PS1 JRPG releases in less than a month on PlayStation 4 worldwide. A playable demo is currently available for download on the PlayStation Store, allowing players to experience the very first chapter of the game.

Seeing the entirety of the original game remade will take a very long time, but producer Yoshinori Kitase recently stated that he is fully committed to the development of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, even if it is the last thing he creates in his career.

Final Fantasy VII is a game which, if it just stayed as the original, would just be remembered as something from the past and people wouldn't be as engaged with it. I think in order to be something that continues to be loved and followed by future generations we have to keep updating it as we're doing now. And in 10 years time, 20 years time, it may need to be done again! So even if this is the only thing that I do in the rest of my career, I won't be disappointed.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches on PlayStation 4 on April 10th worldwide.

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