FIFA 23 Gets Gameplay Deep Dive, Showing HyperMotion 2


Today, EA Sports released a lengthy gameplay deep dive of FIFA 23, the final licensed game to be developed by the studio before the move to EA Sports FC.

The developers also accompanied the video with a lengthy blog post detailing every noteworthy gameplay improvement coming with this year's installment.

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Everything will be enabled by HyperMotion 2, an updated version of the machine learning technique that first debuted in FIFA 22. HyperMotion 2 is powered by millions of animation frames (twice as much data as last year's installment) captured from two full high-intensity football matches with professional teams. The result is over 6K animations transferred from the real world to the virtual pitch.

Two of the new FIFA 23 features that have been enhanced by HyperMotion 2 are Technical Dribbling and ML-Jockey.

Technical Dribbling

With hundreds of new animations captured by Advanced Match Capture and with ML-Flow (machine learning) active between each touch, our aim with Technical Dribbling is to improve the feeling of movement while controlling the ball, making turning and dribbling feel more responsive.

Technical Dribbling is the new default dribble style using the Left Stick, and any player can perform it, although the quality of the dribble is still heavily dependent on the player’s Dribbling Attributes.


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ML-Jockey aims to provide tighter feeling controls and increased responsiveness when keeping up with attackers while Jockey (L2 on PlayStation controllers || LT on Xbox controllers) or Sprint Jockey (L2+R2 || LT+RT) are being used.

We designed ML-Jockey with two big goals in mind:

  • Expand the use of our Machine Learning Algorithm into a fully player-controlled feature.
  • Provide a counter to Technical Dribbling, giving players more options and further feeling of control while defending.

Learning from real-world situations, our Machine Learning technology updates the Jockey system and writes animations in real time, increasing the fluidity and consistency of Jockeying while improving a player’s behavior and ability to position themselves. Both Jockey and Sprint Jockey have their respective neural networks for the purpose of creating and exhibiting more diverse and natural animations.

There's a lot more coming in FIFA 23, such as power shots, reworked semi-assisted shooting, improved shooting variety, redesigned set pieces, composed ball striking (also powered by HyperMotion 2), enhanced kinetic air battles, reflex blocks, hard slide tackles, increased player top speed, advanced impact physics, improved player awareness, and expanded celebrations and crowd chants. As a reminder, FIFA 23 is set to launch on September 30th for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series S|X, and Stadia; it will feature the return of Juventus FC licensing.

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