Fear the Wolves Patch Improves Enemy AI, Adds NVIDIA Highlights Support, and More

Fear the Wolves, the Early Access battle royale set amongst the ruins of Chernobyl, has dropped a major update, which includes some significant gameplay tweaks and new features. The game now features randomized secret stashes of high-level loot hidden around the map, as well as boarded up buildings that can’t be accessed until you find a fire axe. Wolves and other AI-controlled enemies have also received a major AI upgrade, making them more of a threat to players – single wolves with try to sneak up on you, while groups now have new enhanced pack attack patterns. Oh, and NVIDIA Highlights support has been added, making it easier to capture your most badass moments for posterity.

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Here are the notes for the Fear the Wolves “Treasure Map” update:


Reworked shooting feeling

  • Improved the transition from hipfire to ADS to make it smoother.
  • Fixed mouse smoothness

Improved wolf behavior

  • Improved wolf movement (in narrow spaces, such as corridors or between objects, and on the stairs)
  • Wolves are now able to attack players standing on a raised surface, for example, a table or chair
  • Fixed wolves being stuck after spawn

New Weapon: DMR SOK-94 for mid to long range combat

Locked buildings that need to be broken open with an axe

  • Axes will now only spawn on special Fire Shields attached to buildings
  • Loot spawn has been balanced to take this new looting mechanics into account

Hidden stashes around the map, accessible through the discovery of treasure maps

Added a new extraction location in points of interest: building rooftops

Added new points of interest

  • Loading Station
  • Anomalous Forest

Reworked areas

  • Old Dam
  • Quarry
  • Security Checkpoint
  • RLS Vostok

Reworked loading screens. Show 4 tutorial hints, addressing the most important and critical parts of the game

  • Zone shrinking
  • Wolf tutorial
  • Anomaly tutorial
  • Extraction tutorial


  • Added Nvidia Highlight (for Nvidia GPU owners). The game will automatically be recorded based on your in-game actions.
  • Reworked the screen error log
  • Added a delay to gameplay effects related to weathers
  • Added an additional warning for Adrenaline
  • When hovering over objects in the inventory, the category will now be highlighted
  • You can now see the oxygen level of players in spectator mode
  • Reduced the VFX intensity of Heat water
  • Added vehicles in the new locations
  • Weapons now generate shells falling on the ground.

Game Balancing

Tweaked weapon parameters

Increased fire rate for semi-automatic weapons

  • CZ-75 (400 -> 450)
  • Fort-17 (450 -> 500)
  • TOZ-34 (400 -> 450)

Increased wolf resistance: be sure to shoot for the head!


  • Fixed the sound effects that weren’t added in-game
  • Added the sound of shells hitting the floor after shooting
  • Added a sound for killing people by ramming them with a vehicle
  • Added a special sound when killing another player

Level Design

  • Improved Quarry location to make it an Orange location
  • Old Dam has been improved
  • Security checkpoint expansion
  • Added new props and improved the quality of some existing props

If you need to know about every minor bug fix and tweak, you can check out the full, unabridged patch notes, right here.

For those unfamiliar, Fear the Wolves is being made by a core team of former STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl devs and tasks you with surviving 99 fellow players and AI-controller packs of irradiated wolves. Wccftech’s own Rosh Kelly got to sit down with the developers of the game at Gamescom 2018 – you can check out the full interview here.

Fear the Wolves is currently available on PC in Early Access form. The game’s full release, which will include console versions, is coming sometime in 2019.

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