Far Cry 5 Shows Off Its Crazy, Customizable Vehicles in its Latest Dev Video

The Far Cry franchise has always put a heavy emphasis on vehicular mayhem, but the upcoming Far Cry 5 may push things further than ever before. The game takes place in America, after all, so vehicles are particularly plentiful and varied. This time around, you’ll be able to cruise around a classic muscle car, take to the skies in a weaponized crop duster, or crush the competition in a heavily-armored big rig. You can check out some of the new rides in the new IGN First video, below.

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Far Cry 5 creative director Dan Hay describes the game’s approach to vehicles…

"We spent a lot of time making sure the vehicles felt real. It was making sure there was a vehicle per situation. If you're going to make a Choose Your Own Adventure, you have to be able to choose your own weapon, and the vehicles are a part of that. [...] If it's as simple as, you want to get into this classic muscle car and bomb down the road you can, if you want to get into a big rig, you can, if you want to fly, you can, if you want to get into a big rig with guns, you can."

Meanwhile, Far Cry 5 associate producer Phil Fournier had this to say about the game’s vehicle customization, which is deeper than anything the series has seen before.

"We want the player to find their own favorite vehicle. That's why we wanted players to be able to customize your weapons and change the color schemes and change some attachments. You can mount different weapons. You can go from just a regular plane, to a plane with rockets, with machine guns, cluster bombs. It was important to give as many options as possible to the player. Depending on your play style, you can go in from above or go in from water or from the ground. There's always a different vehicle at your disposal to change up your strategy or approach."

Far Cry 5 races onto PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on March 27.

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