Fallout: New California Is Out, Giving You More Single Player Fallout Content

Fallout: New California launched earlier this week as previously announced by the dedicated group of modders who've worked on this side project for Fallout: New Vegas. You can now download it from ModDB.

This should be nice especially for those who are eager for more strictly single player Fallout 4 content, given that the upcoming Fallout 76 is multiplayer only for now (albeit playable solo).

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massive single player role playing game with deep character driven mechanics and branching narrative quest architecture, FNC takes you on a journey through the aftermath of the NCR-Enclave War following the end of Fallout 2 twenty years before, leading into the events that inspire Fallout 3 and New Vegas.


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Set in 2260, a crippled Enclave has just one last squadron left behind in California as their remnants journey East on the call of their President. The New California Republic has stagnated economically, their political structure wracked by deep corruption that goes to the highest office, and their economy is all but ruined.

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A psychotic Raider Warlord, Juan Elsdragon, has assumed control of a vast Raider Alliance collected of the various tribes washed away by the NCR's pacification efforts, bolstered by hundreds of survivalists who resist the taxes and cultural erasure the NCR represents.

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You are born sometime before this to a wasteland tribe. Orphaned and adopted by the Wasteland Scouts from Vault 18 high in the San Bernardino Mountains, you and your fellow tribal kin have been raised to be the new generation to explore the wastes beyond the great door. Unfortunately, the legendary Wasteland Scouts before you made powerful enemies, and their Vault remains locked away, hidden in their seclusion.

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Until the last night of the Vault-Ball season, when you are thrust into the middle of a conflict started long before you were born...

War. War never changes.

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Getting Started

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This is a mod for the PC vesrion of Fallout: New Vegas.

All you need to get started is:

  1. Fallout: New Vegas
    1. If you downloaded your copy on Steam or Humble or DVD, get the 4GB Patch<-VITAL!!
    2. If you got your copy on GOG.com, you're good to go. They patched their version, they're heroes.
    3. You do not need the Ultimate Edition or DLC. Just New Vegas by itself. But the DLC is amazing, you should buy it and play it anyway when you finish FNC.
  2. A Mod Manager of Your Choice!
    1. Nexus Vortex (Beta) (<- It's new but extreamly reliable and easy to use!)
    2. Mod Organizer 2 (Fallout 4 page, but works on New Vegas very reliably.)
    3. Fallout mod manager and Nexus Mod Manager are broken all to hell. DON'T use them!
    4. Switch to Nexus or MO2 unless you are an advanced user!
  3. And that's it. You're ready! We have OPTIONAL recommended mods. Very few incompatibilities.


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Download New California BETA 200. Download BETA 201 PATCH. Put them on your hard drive.

Open your mod manager.

Go to Package Manager. (The same on Vortex, MO2, NMM, and FOMM.)

Select New New California BETA 200.

Follow the On Screen Wizard. (DLC Patches if you have DLC! If not, skip.)

Wait between 2-8 minutes on average....


Open Package Manager again. Select New New California BETA 201. Install. (Overwrite Yes to All!)


Final Step: Don't forget to check NewCalifornia.esm in your load order to activate!!!

And you're ready. Go play.

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