Fallout New Vegas Building Bridges Mod Introduces Asynchronous Multiplayer in the Vein of Elden Ring


A new Fallout New Vegas gameplay mod that has been released online a few days ago introduces asynchronous multiplayer in the vein of Elden Ring and the other entries in the Souls series by From Software.

The Building Bridges mod allows players to interact with one another by leaving messages in the game's world. The mod also introduces a rating system and a reporting system.

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This plugin allows players to interact with each other by leaving messages in gameworld. These messages will appear in the playthrough of other players and you also will see what they wrote.

You can leave messages in any interior or exterior cell from any mod. Which means you could do it in Official DLCs, Project Brazil,TTW, New Vegas Bounties and basically any mod downloaded from Nexus or anywhere else. If players have that mod installed, they will see your message exactly where you left it.

  • Rating system

Each mesages you left has it's own rating. People can leave likes to your message increasing the rating of the message and your rating as well,
Rating gives you levels. With each new level you have more messages you can place at the same time and your messages can be longer. You can't see whose messages you are liking and the same goes for everybody else.

  • Managing your messages

In BB menu you can choose to manage your messages, removing them at any time. If you removed your message, your rating gained by that message stays with you.

  • Report system

If you see a message which breaks BB rules you can report it and it may be deleted when processed by a moderator.

In case you want to make the Fallout New Vegas multiplayer experience be more faithful to that of Elden Ring, you can also download the Glowing Notes mod that will make messages glow like those in the latest game by From Software. You can download both the Building Bridges and Glowing Notes mods from Nexus Mods.

Fallout New Vegas is now available on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 worldwide.

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