Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter Battle Royale Mode is Getting a New Map Next Week


Fallout 76 has had more than its fair share of problems, but the name’s recently-released 52-player Nuclear Winter battle royale has actually been fairly well received. In fact, the mode is popular enough that Bethesda has announced they’ll be rolling out an additional map next week. The original Nuclear Winter map is based in Fallout 76’s forested Flatwoods region, while the new map will be centered on the city of Morgantown.

You can get more details about the new Morgantown Nuclear Winter map below. Note: Bethesda decided to be wacky and write their press release as if it was a message sent from the ZAX supercomputer than runs Vault 51. So yeah, that’s why the info is written in robo-speak…

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Morgantown and the surrounding mountains as the most viable location for testing while Flatwoods is being cleaned of radioactive debris. I encourage you to pursue conflicts in downtown Morgantown and Grafton so that I may observe and gather data on Candidates’ battle tactics while in urban centers. I have provided ample weapons in these areas to help you eliminate your fellow Candidates.

I expect geographical features in the region like steep cliffs and a large body of water will also provide interesting challenges for Candidates. You may find it useful to equip perks that help with mobility and improve performance in the water to make your testing experience as enjoyable as possible. Candidates should be advised that the Morgantown area is home to predatory wildlife not found in the Flatwoods region. Colonies of hostile radscorpions have been observed attacking other lifeforms in the area without provocation. I expect they will eliminate many Candidates currently participating in testing.

While scanning the Morgantown region to assess its viability for testing, I discovered a small enclave of inactive RobCo Assaultrons from before the Great War. I have reactivated these Assaultrons and unleashed them on the Morgantown region to provide an example for Candidates of the speed and effectiveness with which Overseers should eliminate their enemies.

Fallout 76 is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The new Morgantown Nuclear Winter map will included in Patch 13, which will drop next Tuesday (September 10). It is currently unknown whether players will be able to switch freely between the Morgantown and original Flatwoods maps, but the wording of Bethesda’s announcement makes it seem like only one map will be available at a time for now.