Todd Howard Says Fallout 76 Beta May Not Be Wiped Before Launch, Explains More About PvP

Fallout 76

In yet another post-Gamelab interview published by Italian website, Todd Howard revealed additional information regarding the upcoming Fallout 76 game, due to release November 14th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

First of all, he said that the beta may not be wiped before release, or at least that's currently the hope of the developers.

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I think it will be released in multiple phases and our hope is that the beta is the final game. We're not sure yet, but we're hoping to avoid resetting the servers post-beta. Our hope is that it will be the final game.

Then he dived a bit into how PvP will work in the game and how other players may affect your camp.

There are various countermeasures we are implementing to prevent other players to do such things. For instance, currently, you cannot kill another player until his character gets to level 5. Maybe we'll change this rule, but we're aware of the risks because we don't like that stuff either. But we're not afraid to try new things and leave players the complete freedom to fight at their discretion or to avoid that entirely if they're not interested.

Other players can damage the camp, but not destroy it. Repairing the camp is also cheap. The reason why we've made it susceptible to damage is that you could conceivably trap another player in your camp, and if said player wasn't able to break free that would be a problem. That's why we made camps destructible, not because we want to incentivize others to attack your place but because we want to avoid players using their camps to bother others. It's really easy to repair, anyway, and it disappears once you disconnect from the game.

The Bethesda Game Studios boss also confirmed that it will be possible to become a merchant and sell almost any item in the game except for some that are related to quests.

Absolutely! That's our hope. Build your camp, gather resources, craft weapons and then you can place your robot to sell all the stuff, going as far as roleplaying as a merchant character.

You can sell anything you want except for some quest items. Anything you produce or collect in the world can be sold to other players.

Todd Howard also revealed that there will be fast travel in the game but no mounts or vehicles, as per Fallout tradition. Are you looking forward Fallout 76's release? Let us know in the comments!

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