Fallout 4 Silent Hill Mod ‘Whispering Hills’ Turns Bethesda’s Action-RPG Into Toyama’s Horror Nightmare Complete With Pyramid Head

fallout 4 silent hill mod whispering hills

Tired of waiting for the rumored new Silent Hill installment? This new Fallout 4 Silent Hill mod turns makes the wait somewhat easier.

Created by modder ‘Mangaclub’, the first episode of the Whispering Hills’ modification for Fallout 4 turns Bethesda’s action-RPG into Toyama’s horror nightmare complete with the iconic Pyramid Head and Siren Head. The mod features the town of Silent Hill, Centralia, Pennsylvania alongside a rebuild of the original game’s Midwitch elementary school.

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Episode 1 of ‘Mangaclub’s’ project overhauls Fallout 4 combat music and background sounds and replaces the sounds of Fallout 4’s world with sounds more suitable for the Silent Hill series. In addition, the mod adds a new questline and various Fog Weather effects for that gloomy foggy look.

Those interested can download the Fallout 4 Silent Hill ‘Whispering Hills’ modification via Nexusmods. Be sure to set your preferences in your account as the mod contains adult content. The mod can also be downloaded via ModDB right here. Be sure to check out the new trailer for the mod down below:

As with most mods, this mod is only available for the PC version of Fallout 4.

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