Fallout 4 Combat Flaunted In Updated Video, Gruesome Violence As Expected


A newer version of the footage of Fallout 4's combat sequences has bee published by Bethesda. The action-packed trailer shows combat as bloody and violent as ever.

Fallout 4's action can be either fast or deliberately slow to cause the most amount of suffering.

V.A.T.S. is a most impressive system, especially in the first-person perspective. The ability to select the specific portion of an enemy and roll the virtual dice has combined with the extensible damage modeling means that there is a lot of havoc to wreak. It was always quite fascinating to shoot off the limbs of your enemies just to see what happened in 3, so Fallout 4 should prove interesting indeed.

The above action sequences have already been seen before, mostly in Bethesda's E3 conference. But it's been updated to include only the parts worth seeing, sans dialogue. Some individuals are even reporting a difference in gun animations as well, with better looking gunplay. Looking at the Bethesda E3 conference footage, it appears to be the same. Regardless, it's always enjoyable seeing the fantastic damage system of the Fallout series. V.A.T.S. is looking fantastic as ever too.

The best part was watching as the protagonist loaded a teddy bear into his weapon that exploded the Raider Scavver's head on contact. Truly a memorable moment.

Controversy still exists surrounding the apparent lackluster graphics first presented with the Fallout 4 announcement trailer. It just didn't quite look that much better than Fallout 3. Recent screenshots and footage have shown a marked, though not truly significant, improvement in graphical quality. Certainly the addition of a broader color pallet will be highly appreciated by fans.

Fallout 4 releases November 10th 2015 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can pre-order it now, just don't expect to find the Pip-Boy edition for MSRP anymore.