Facebook Is In The Works To Add A GIF Creating Tool In Its App’s Camera


Facebook has been gradually implementing changes in its main app from quite some time now. While the app now looks way different that what it did in the initial days, there's no doubt that these changes have been quite helpful in terms if productivity as well as utility when it comes comes to portraying the right responses. Now, the social network giant has once again stepped forward to introduce a new feature which has been part of the recent trend lately. Yes, we're talking about GIFs. The platform recently rolled out a dedicated GIF button for users when commenting on a post. Now, the company wants you to make your own GIFs. Let's dive in to see some more details on the matter and how Facebook plans to implement it.

Facebook Is Planning To Add A GIF Ctreting Tool In Its App's Camera

According to TNW, Facebook is testing to implement the new GIF creating tool in its app's camera. The move will basically add more functionality to the app's camera section. Before turning the subject to a GIF, users would have the option available to combine multiple effects of the camera app. The end product would be quite amazing after all the changes made.

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GIFs created through this feature are short, and only last a few seconds. As expected, you can use the full range of effects and frames from the Facebook camera. You can also add the GIF to your Facebook story, post it to your profile, or save it to your device.

Some users are seeing a "Normal/GIF" tab in their Facebook app's camera. Do take note that since it rests in the testing phase and is a work in progress, the feature has yet not been rolled out globally as only a select number of users have access to the feature. The wider roll out will probably begin when the feature is ready. At this point in time, we can only hope that  it arrives shortly as the exact date has not been detailed or specified.

Facebook has been previously involved in adding various features to its many apps including Instagram, WhatsApp and the Messenger app, which have been blatantly taken from Snapchat. The introduction of a new GIF creation tool is the company's recent feature which has not been taken from Snapchat. So this is a major plus for the company as it is introducing new features rather than dragging what we already have on a different platform.

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News Source: TNW