New exploit will jailbreak all iOS devices of this generation.

Syavash Pahore

We all know about Blackra1n, the famous jailbreaking tool by Geohot for jailbreaking iPhones and iPods alike on iOS3.1.2. After iOS4 got released the rest of the jailbreak methods used by other hackers have not been as effecient as blackra1n was.

Now though, there is a new jailbreak tool under development known as SHAtter. Its the same jailbreak method that Geohot talked about as pwned4life before he left the jailbreaking community. The unique thing abt SHAtter is that unlike Jailbreak me and other tools, this exploit can only be patched by a hardware update of all iOS devices. As a result until Apple can update their whole range of iOS devices, this exploit (when released) will forever jailbreak all iOS devices including the iPod Touch, iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and even the iPad!

The famous "iPhone Dev Team" together with "Chronic Dev Team" is working on the exploit as we speak and hopefully we will have the released version of SHAtter on our Apple Devices soon and say goodbye to all our jailbreaking worries!


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