Evil Returns As Diablo 3 Approaches


Diablo 3 is Blizzards biggest and longest tease yet to gamers after Starcraft: Ghost. After years of rumors and speculations the game is finally coming and fans of the series are more than hyped to get back in to the game once again. While the first two games were remembered as some of the most legendary video games ever made for the PC it seems that the 3rd game is looking to out do both of them and win a fan base like never before.

To say that Diablo 3 isn't the most anticipated game of May 2012 would be like saying Bread isn't mans greatest creation. Diablo 1 and 2 were some of the greatest RPG's ever made on the PC and when fans waited years on end for a proper sequel their patience is about to pay off as modern day technology is now more advanced than it was when the first two games were released giving players many new features such as superb graphics and new changes to the game play system and new classes which really helps enrich the old players and the new players experience to a game which was thought to be forgotten and lost in the threads of time.

The Latest TV spot shows us the rise of Evil once again and it is up to the players to stop it from wreaking chaos, the game is coming on the 15th of May and is said to be the hot topic on every gamers mind and is stirring up a storm among the old fans of the series who are dying to play the game after so many years of waiting.