EVGA’s X299 Boards Are Poised To Set More Records

Alex Casas

EVGA X299 motherboards immediately set the bar for performance, cooling, and stability. Since then, EVGA has improved the cooling, reinvented the modern motherboard BIOS, and continued to shock the enthusiast world with the EVGA X299 DARK. And these boards are only just getting started.

X299 Boards Designed To Support 32GB DIMMs

With the release of Intel’s Core X-Series 10000 Processor Family, EVGA X299 Motherboards are ready and waiting for them.

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Current owners need only update the motherboard BIOS for full compatibility; new owners can boot into the motherboard BIOS and update the BIOS with their brand-new CPUs. EVGA X299 motherboards were engineered to excel with Intel’s most powerful Core X-Series processors, including the new Intel Core i9-10980XE. With record-setting in mind, they were not going to skip out on any features.

EVGA X299 motherboards were designed to support every type of user and situation, including content creators, gamers, and enthusiasts. With 32GB DIMMs, the possibilities are endless.

Superb VRAM Cooling For Records To Be Set

Whereas some competitors received a bit of heat by reviewers, EVGA won widespread acclaim for its X299 DARK VRM cooling solution. All EVGA X299 motherboards feature a thicker heatsink and/or active cooling on the VRM heatsink, leading to higher overclocks and stability under load.

Great BIOS Support For the 10th Gen X Series Processors

More recently, EVGA provided a new BIOS update that revolutionized overclocking with OC Robot and in-BIOS stress testing. In an industry first, EVGA X299 motherboard owners could change settings and stress test them without ever leaving the BIOS.


Now, with the latest X299 motherboard BIOS updates, owners can use OC Robot to configure PerCore voltage settings, and stress test those settings, including AVX2 loads, without the need for an OS or third-party utility.

The boards are currently listed on EVGA's website and their online store.

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