Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone Has an Insane Screen-to-Body Ratio and a Modular System Like No Other


After a few glimpses of the phone in the form of teasers, Andy Rubin is pleased to bring you guys the Essential Phone. What he might not have paid attention to was the name of the smartphone, but the boatload of features might eventually make you forget about that. For a steep price tag, even you can start to experience a ton of features on the newest kid on the block called Essential Phone.

For $699, the Essential Phone Comes With a Screen-to-Body Ratio That Will Rival the Mi Mix and Modular Features to Upgrade Its Overall Capability

With a unique resolution of 2,560 x 1,312 and a 5.71-inch display, the Essential Phone has a design that’s slightly similar to the approach taken by Xiaomi’s Mi Mix. However, there are other notable features of the phone, starting with the Snapdragon 835 and 4GB RAM combination. It also features a pairing of titanium and ceramic materials for its body, and its creators claim that this makes the phone more durable that its competitors, which we’re sure torture tests will reveal in the future.

Andy Rubin, Founder of Essential Has Tweeted a Picture of a Mobile Device With an Abnormally Tall Screen

It also sports a dual 13MP rear camera and an 8MP shooter situated at the front (the front camera can also capture 4K videos). While those are impressive internals, the key selling points of the smartphone will be the ability to accept modules for a better smartphone experience, and of course that amazing edge-to-edge display. You get 128GB of internal storage, which is plentiful in a smartphone.

The unique thing about the Essential Phone is the ecosystem it wants to surrounds itself through the use of accessories. It features a magnetic connector and can hook up to the Essential 360-degree camera and Essentials Phone Dock. However, it has one thing missing that is sure to annoy smartphone enthusiasts; a headphone jack (but will ship with a dongle).

Additionally, in a world that is dominated by Apple and Samsung, the Essential Phone will be running a completely different UI called Ambient OS. However, with all that you’re getting, it carries a very steep $699 price tag.

Essential PH-1 Successor Might Be in the Works, as New Device Is in Early Testing Phase

If you’re interested in purchasing the phone, you can always check out the source link below and place your order as they are going live in U.S. first.