Unreal Engine 4 Incredible Looking Landscapes by Former Epic Games Artist


Former Epic Games artist, Krzysztof Teper, has shared some incredible shots from landscapes created in Unreal Engine 4. Krzysztof's work demonstrates Unreal Engine 4 ability to recreate open world environments in intricate detail.

As was previously demonstrated in Epic Game's "A boy and his Kite", Unreal engine 4 can recreate some gorgeous environments. Another artist's recent work demonstrated a Red Dead Redemption inspired saloon, which besides looking rather sweet it gave us a taste of what a current-gen Red Dead title could look like.

It would be really exciting to see what developers can achieve with Unreal Engine 4, especially now that the engine has gone completely free and Nvidia's PhysX code has been added into the engine.

A few weeks ago a gorgeous Unreal Engine 4 demo was made available for download, that truly showcases the huge potential of the Unreal Engine 4 engine. Additionally Epic's own "A Boy and his Kite" demo was also made available for download, which perfectly demonstrates the engine's potential in recreating intricately detailed open world environments.

Ninja Theory's upcoming PlayStation 4 and PC hack 'n' slash title Hellblade is another example of how amazing Unreal Engine 4 can look in the right hands. More on the absolutely gorgeous game will be revealed at E3 2015 in June and we will bring you all the new information and media for the title.

NVIDIA has recently introduced its new Dynamic GI called VXGI. VXGI has been integrated in a separate branch of Unreal Engine 4, and 3D artist "Byzantos" shared his results after experimenting with the new solution.

Byzantos claims that NVIDIA VXGI is the most accurate solution available today. you can view some screenshots and a video of his work, here.

A Beautiful Red Dead Redemption inspired saloon was also recently revealed, created by Polycount’s member ‘Matt_Billeci‘, which gives us a taste of what a current gen Red Dead title could potentially look like. Lets hope that we get to experience a new adventure in the beloved franchise soon enough.

We will bring you any new information on Unreal Engine 4 projects as soon as it becomes available.